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Yoga Sutra 1.4

When not in a state of self realisation, your thoughts take on the form of the world around you.

Vritti sarupyam itaratra Sutra 1.4

If the mind is fluctuating and moving and you have not mastered the mind, then one finds themselves dipping into the illusionary state of mind, believing that your thoughts are real.

The yogi suffers when they listen to the low vibrational thought process, just because you find holding plank for 1 minute hard, does not make you weak, but yet our mind chatter can do exactly this. We feed ourselves with lies, which eventually, these negative emotions lead to negative tone which leads to physical negative actions. Our job as yogi practitioners is to then move back into a state of yoga (stilling the mind) and really see the bigger picture. Sutra 1.4 is showing us that to be in a state of yoga is to lift yourself out of the "mind junk".

In class this week I asked you to see a powerful memory of an experience of great love and happiness. Take a moment and see it, really feel this moment, how did your entire being feel in that moment, pull that vibrational state into this very moment, feel ur self changing to meet that state, spread this feeling to every cell in your body, witness it.

Can you challenge yourself today to notice your thought pattern, and every time it drops, can bring your self back into a state of love? From this state of love, how do you choose to react now?

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