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Blurry Shadows
Blurry Shadows

Meet Bryony 


From as far back as I can remember I've always had a passion for movement, my love for dance began and it never really stopped. I left home at 11 to follow my dreams, but when the time came to fly, I found my self in unknown territory. I got sick, depressed, lost all connection to my truth. I felt powerless, weak and I rejected my self. 

I was selected at this time to work under Tracy Anderson who gave me tools to find strength in my physical body which lead me to become an international personal trainer, my clients took me across London, New York, LA and Tokyo, although my health was getting better, there was still something missing.


One day it all changed. I stepped back into a yoga studio and for the first time since the longest time I felt peace, there was no judgement, no voice in my head or pain, it was a feeling of ecstasy, release, as I allowed my body to flow, my breath to take over, as I let go, witnessed my truth and a power in me.

From that moment on and I knew my calling was to understand this feeling and share it. I travelled, learnt (and unlearnt) studied and continue to study everyday. I went to Bali and obtained my 200h TT through "Yogaworks" with Alicia Cheung and Oliver Reinsch and took my first Vipasana. I've taught in London, Bali, Morocco Spain, Austria and my hometown of Edinburgh. I have run yoga teacher trainings, events, retreats and studios and I'm currently in Athens Greece where I co-manage Inner Hive

I continued my studies in 100h Yin & Myofascial release and received my 500h advance Teacher Training under Stewart Gilchrist which has evolved and deepened my knowledge. Yoga has now been a part of my life for the last 18 years, and I am so proud to have embarked on a  further 2 years of studies to receive my 800h in The History, Literature and Philosophy of Yoga. 

​I develop Yogabstudio as I wanted to guide people to understand the profound transformational effects yoga can have on your life when you live and understand all the principles of yoga. This is what you will find in my yoga teacher trainings, a deep dive into taking your power and creating your own life. I am proud of the quality of my school and the teachers I have been able to guide along the way, each landing jobs in studios and alike. 

I thankful for all of my mentors who have given me tools to make changes in my life, tools that I hope to share with you, so you too can reclaim and ignite your power. 


800 Hours - The History Literature and Philosophy of yoga - Yoga Traditions

300 Hours - Pranaluz 

300 Hours - Yogasana - East London School of Yoga 

100 Hours - Yin & Myofascial release - Samdhana Yoga

200 Hours - Vinyasa Yoga - Yogaworks 

Holistic Life Coach - Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Master Reiki 

Angelic Reiki Levels 1 & 2 

Merlin Vortex Healing 

Crystal Healing 

Sanskrit Basics

FDA in Theatre Dance 

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