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Yoga Sutra 1.3

Established in yoga, then you will have realisation of your true Self, your true nature.

SUTRA 1.3 tadā draṣṭuḥ svarūpe-'vasthānam

Patanjali explains here that through the stilling of the mind, which is a process of discovery, discipline and discernment one starts to comprehend the nature of the mind, or at least the falsehood of the thoughts. The higher self/ true Self /true nature is buried behind layers and layers of illusions and conditioning that one must break past to "see".

It is through the discipline of yoga ( to clarify here in Patanjalis yoga isn't asana practise see previous posts) that one reaches this point of awakening.

We continue to return to our mats time and time again as we crave that moment of bliss at the end of savasana, the clearness steadiness, peacefulness that washes over us as a glimpse into the window of our soul, from this place in this moment we can make decisions that run true to us as we honour our needs in this time, as we release habits patterns and conditioning that no longer serves who we are. Through the process of yoga we can remove the illusions of mind and meet truth.

I invite you in your next practise, to ask the question what is my true nature? Meditate on this, and see what you find.


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