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Your Moon Healing
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Your Moon Healing

Light your way through the phases of the moon as Laura & Bryony take you on a journey of healing in line with the lunar cycle. According to quantum physics everything has a frequency and the moon and her cycle are no exception. Yoga and holistic methods teach that everything is connected - one, thus the cycle of the moon is interlinked to the ebb and flow of our human mind and physical self.  The mind literally re-acts to the positioning of the moon in the sky and Neuroscience has recognised that the subconscious controls 95% of our lives!! 

Research has also shown that under a full moon our sleep pattern is altered and less sleep is taken. When we have less sleep our ability to perform as well as think clearly is more challenging. 

In these healing sessions you will be guided through a Yin Yoga class accompanied by the healing frequency of crystal bowls to align your mind under each of the new moon and full moon phases. These classes are designed specifically to target areas of the body that need extra attention under the moon in the sky, bringing deep inner healing. 

Yin nourishes the lunar qualities of ourselves and research shows that as little as 10 minutes of meditation can drastically change our well being and help with anxiety, reduce cortisone, the stress hormone. Sound healing works to tune your brainwaves to frequency and research also proves that it reduces feeling of anger, tension, depression and pain in the physical body.  


What is included
  • Guided Yin Yoga class sequenced to balance the energies under the moon accompanied by sound healing

  • Guided meditation session

  • Custom Moon Healing music and sound therapy 

  • New content every New Moon and Full Moon! 

What will you gain? 
  • Improvement of range of motion and flexibility in the body

  • decreases stress

  • lengthens muscles

  • hydrates tissues and muscles

  • lubricates joints

  • hydrates skin

  • detoxifies

  • increases the mobility of joints

  • reduces osteopenia and osteoporosis

  • helps to prevent fusion of joints

  • calms the nervous system

  • increases the level of GABA (help’s the body respond to stress)

  • balances prana

  • slows the mind

  • grounds us

  • reduces anxiety

  • induces emotional health

  • improves sleep

  • helps manage pain

  • feelings of relaxation

Who can do this Course? 

This practise is available to everyone and anyone who is committed to self growth and collective conscious healing

When does it take place? 

Every full and New moon content will be released and available for you. You will have unlimited access to all content as well as access to all previous content. 


only 8.88 - why so affordable -- because Laura and I believe that healing should be accessible to everyone. 

To register for your Moon Healing please head to

If you have any more questions or concerns please get in touch

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