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Whats in your toothpaste?

DIY Toothpaste
Checked whats in your toothpaste recently?

It's ok, as always I've done the checking for you, the results its not great. It's normally this simple, if you don't know the word, or its not one you heard since your high school science class, then more than likely it's a harmful substance. I'll name a few for you; Triclosan, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Glycerin and the one you probably have heard of Fluoride.

Let's talk about fluoride... fluoride is added to your toothpaste as it stop cavities, great!

but at what cost?

Fluoride is classified as a neurotoxin, this puts it in the same category as substances like lead, arsenic and mercury (read more here) I don't think I want to put arsenic in my mouth, do you?

Don't worry I'm here to save your teeth with a few easy alternatives!

First up you can do it yourself with a few simple ingredients.

Coconut oil : kills bacteria and fungi. Its an anti-inflammatory and great for your gut. Can prevent candida in the mouth

Baking soda: neutralise acids while not being too abrasive to teeth (alkalising) encouraging the right bacteria, and protects the enamel from decay.

Tumeric: anti-inflammatory, removes plaque, prevent gum disease and whitens teeth

Charcol: whitens teeth and removes toxins from the mouth

Bentonite clay: a natural polisher rich in minerals reducing acidity in the mouth

These are just a few of the natural ingredients you can put in yours, I tend to keep it simple with coconut oil, baking soda and peppermint oil.*

Don't fancy making your own?

Then here is my list of dental goodies.

Top of the list

The next few have glycerin but still better than Colgate ( yes I named and shamed)

Keep it simple keep it fresh.


*For any haters or unbelievers, yes I have been to the dentist and yes my teeth are fine even better, it has removes stains and plaque build up. win, win, win.

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