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Meet my friend the Lemon

Fun fact about me I make all my own cleaning products!

#Chemicalfree household. Its a passion of mine and a huge part of what I want to be able to share and teach you on your simple living journey. It's so easy once you know what to do and you can even end up saving on your groceries!

Casual Lemon Photoshoot

Today I'm going to show you a SUPER simple and eco friendly did I mention SIMPLE way to make your own chemical free cleaning spray in 4 SIMPLE steps. HERE it is;

1. Keep your used lemon peels in a mason jar in the fridge

2. When you have 3/4 to full jar cover with white vinegar*

3. Leave to marinade in a dark place for 24+ hours

4. Put 1/3rd of the vinegar/ lemon solution into a spray bottle (mine is a recycled old chemical one) with 2/3 water. Add essential oils if you like


Your work tops will never be so shiny and if you use the essential oils, I use lemongrass or tea tree as both have antiseptic and anti viral properties, your house will smell Be-A-Utiful.

Its so simple and you get the satisfying smile of hey, I made this!

Give it a go and let me know how you get on

Much love


*I say white cause it has a higher acidity level, however I always use what ever I have and it works just fine.

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