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Plastic Problem- Make the change to reusable water bottles
Plastic to rule?

Between eight and 12 million tons of plastic are dumped in the world’s seas each year. According to the UN statistics if we don't sort out the plastic problem then there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans and plastic bottles are a big part of that problem. In the UK, over 35 million bottles are consumed each day, with around 16 million of those going unrecycled.

For a very long time I have been sending my family annoying remarks about plastic, they where bombarded, mainly because they bought bottled water, drunk one and threw it in the bin, SO in came my videos, pictures, my moaning and preaching to them of the effects of plastic, BUT moaning and preaching isn't always the answer, so how about a guide?

ONE change CAN make a difference

How to choose your bottle

Your sold right? Great so lets get you shopping for your new handy bottle.

I have tried a few different types and I'm now personally a fan of stainless steel bottles, however I did work with glass for a long time, but being a bit of a clutz I smashed a few (some very cool sloth printed might I add). What ever you choose, BPA free is your best option. I've highlighted here some of my favourites, money can't even be your excuse as there is a bottle for all budgets.

Eco Friendly Bottles I recommend

1. Anything by Klean Kanteen. - A eco friendly company with a mission.


2. Chilly's an urban brand making your bottle stylish.


3. Tree Tribe for every bottle purchase they plant 10 trees.


4. Sol Cups I am in love with this product. Doing their part for glass, each bottle comes with a hemp pouch!


5. Eco bottles Cheap and cheerful these bottles are made from entirely recycled materials in the uk and can even be personalised.


ONE change can make a difference.

So why not challenge your self, to make one small change or send the challenge to a friend, be a guide, be a friend to our home.

B x

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