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DIY Mermaid Hair

My Swishy Hair

I have had a few request for my secret mermaid hair.

And cause I am all about sharing this is it, my secret simple weapon to luxury long hair....


I kid you not. I wash my hair in Vinegar.

I went full on "No Poo" method for a long time, but when I was travelling I couldn't keep it up as I ended up going back to commercial shampoo, which sadly un did all my hard work. If you don't know what no poo is, its awesome!

No Poo is a chemical free, natural way to wash your hair.
Washing your hair with the synthetic shampoo is actually removing the natural oils in your hair, making your hair produce more oils in return.

I tried a variety of techniques and found at the time the barcarb & vinegar was the best for me. I 100% recommend no poo as my hair grew so long in this period especially when I was suffering from dry bleached out hair that was breaking at the touch and refused to grow. The down side of taking the plunge in to a chemical free hair routine is you will have a layer of gunky skunky stuff on your head for about 4-6 weeks as your detoxing all the crap on your hair from the chemicals and the excess sebum is balancing out.

If you can bare it and don't have dates or any one to smell your hair at night while you detox the jump on the No Poo wagon.

Currently I use a vegan sulphate free shampoo and then my secret ingredient the vinegar rinse.

Its so Simple
In a jar or bottle mix:
1/3rd vinegar with 2/3rd water
I then add essential oils depending what going on with my hair:
Lavender for dry hair
Rosemary is great for stimulating hair growth
Any scalp issues you can add some peppermint or tea tree.

Just a few drops or if you don't have essential oils, you don' t need them.

I hear you saying gross won't my hair stink.

NO. not if you wash it out properly!

I normally just dip my ends into the jar, let them have a swim in the mix, and then pour some where needed,

What about my knots?

Cause my hair is so long and I don't brush it after its dried, I get dreadlocks and with out fail the vinegar solution works a charm and the knots detangle easily.

Still not convinced?

well all you have left to do is try!

Let me know how you get on

B x

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