200h Teacher Training

Have you ever wondered what this yoga is really about? Have you felt something in class and had a feeling you wanted to know more, heard yogic words that you want to understand with more depth? Then perhaps you are in the right place.

In this 200 hour teacher training Bryony will guide you to embrace a deep understanding of what yoga is and how to embody the teachings and philosophy to change your life. Integrating the modern physical practise with the traditional roots of Hatha yoga, Bryony has developed a training the protects the path of modern yoga. 

This training is for you, if you are ready to be the change.   

Through this course you will learn

Basic Anatomy - We will cover all of your anatomy needs, from the skeletal system to the respiration system, muscular and functions. We learn about injuries and how to protect ourselves and our students and much much more! 

Yoga Philosophy - An in depth study will take place as we look at the history of yoga, learn about Pantanjali and the Yoga sutras and other eastern philosophies. 

Asana - We will cover the asana, break them down look at things such as the alignment of each asana and more

Pranayama - We will spend time learning basic pranayama and how to teach it 

Meditation - Will not be skipped and we will learn lots of different styles and practises 

Teaching Skills - Such as voice tone, setting the scene and more

Adjustments  - We will spend time learning about adjustments how to safely perform them and different techniques. 

Sequencing - You will learn how to create a safe and creative sequence 

Yoga in all forms in a gift in my life  and I am so happy I am able to bring this course to you, to aid you on your journey to better health, balance and peace of mind. 

What is included?

  • 200 Hours of teacher training

  •  Group Yoga asana classes 

  •  Meditation

  • Pranayama 

  •  Mantra 

  • Philosophy Lectures

  • Anatomy Lectures

  • Adjustment workshops

  • Asana Lab

  • Manual

  • 100% support from me! 

What will you gain?

  • Tools to find balance in your life

  • Bodily strength & stillness 

  • Mental strength & Clarity of thought

  • Discipline of the mind and body 

  • Inner awareness

  • Deeper self connection

  • Confidence in your self 

  • You will be able to safely lead a yoga class

  • Understand the history and philosophy of yoga

  • Basic knowledge of Anatomy 

  • New friends for life​

  • Lots of experiences and memories!

  • A life changing experience 

Who can do this course?

There are very limited places available on my courses so I can really give my time to each of you.
A strong and dedicated practice is required with at least 18 months of a steady yoga asana practise.

Course Faculty

Emily O'Brien

Kate Medvedeva

Jade Whitman


The next 200H is soon to be announced. 
To be informed when the next  one will run, please subscribe to our mailing list or email with your interest.

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