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Sukha are handmade vegan products created from the highest source of quality ingredients.

All products Vegan, Organic and chemical free made and developed by Bryony

"Sukha" ~ to dwell in a place of joy

Aromatherapy Balms

Infused with the power of plants to balance your frequency using high grade essential oils. Sukha balms are unique as they are 100% plant based vegan balms.


Earthy blend of intense essential oil supports in feelings of grounding, calming and de-stressing. Gently rub a small amount on to your pulse points and temples, allowing the essential oil blend  to sink into your blood and relax your mind.

Tranquility 12 Euro

Using the power of plants this is a topical balm to use in relief of any pain, tensions or inflammation in the body. 
Infused with clove oil and peppermint, earths natural pain relievers and lavender and eucalyptus to reduce inflammation. Massage in to effected area and watch it let this little treasure bring you to balance.

Relieve 12 Euro

An intense vibration of oils to lift your mood and focus your mind. In this aromatherapy balm bend you will find rosemary infused oil to promotes clarity and memory, along lemongrass and tea tree to enhance alertness and the sweet joyful aromatic power of sweet orange.

   Apply to pulse points and deeply inhale its perky aroma for an intense awakening. 

Energize 12 Euro

Moisturising Bars

A truly nourishing experience, Sukha bars are a plant based eco friendly alternative made in compostable packaging. Each bar is nourished with organic shea butter and melts upon application to your skin.


Increasing collagene to the skin, this fragrant orange bar increases the skin to declogg and reduce inflammation. Perfect for oily skin.

Sweet Orange 6 Euro

Reducing inflammation and soothing dry skin, this plant based bar also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Great for those with dry skin.

Lavender 6 Euro

Boosting circulation through the skin  with rosemary and pumping it with antioxidants, added with lemongrass which is a natural astringent this combination is suitable for all skin types.

Lemongrass & Rosemary 6 Euro

Cleansing Wand

An ancient ritual that has been passed down for generations, in these bundles you will find sage to remove unwanted energy and a Selentie crystal to soak up negativity.

20191003_154150 (1).jpg

Burn with intention to cleanse the room of unwanted energy, bacteria and auras!!

Sage Lavender Selenite bundles. 

Cleansing Wand  6 - 15Euro


To Order, Simply send an email of which products you desire along with your address. 

A confirmation and payment option will be sent to you

Upon payment items will be shipped your way! 

Shipping starts from 3.50 Euro.

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