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Goddess Isis

Channeled Meditation 

Walk into your light body energy shield with the Goddess Isis, Hathor and her priestess of light! 

There has been a great darkness spreading through our auric fields penetrating our frequencies making us feel low, uncertain and disconnected to our spirit bodies, spiritual guides and the pure consciousness frequencies.  

Isis has come forward at this time to assist you through the darkness to help you remember who you are and show you what you must do at this time on your path. Isis will upgrade your shields of light through your astral body flooding you with her golden light. She will show you the way to become a warrior of light! 

This channeling is for you, if you are ready to step into the light to withhold the light for your self and the entire Earth aiding in the healing of our planet and each other at this time.

Isis, Hathor and her priestesses will take you up tp her pyramid of light where they will work on you light body and upgrade you with her golden light. 

This channeling has come through Bryony and Laura who where channeled through Isis to create the frequencies to help you at this time.  Bryony will guide you through the channeling with Laura who has intuivetly created sound healing through her crystal bowls to aid you on your journey.

You know if you are ready to hear the words of The Goddess Isis and step up for all.

Investment  55 GBP

To receive this channeling please pay here

After payment please send me your Youtube email (this is more than likely your Gmail) to for you to receive access to the channeling. 

If you are struggling finically at this time, but feel a very strong desire to receive this channeling then please contact me to discuss options. 

"I feel so much energy, the light and love and protection. It was so amazing. I feel the light of the third eye so strong. In my chest it is calm, I feel so calm. I really appreciate this meditation. The singing bowls where so amazing and the vibration. I feel so much!"

"Woah, it is so powerful. I have goosbumps, I just feel the energy from listening to your voice. It is such a strong feeling, I am so still. Thank you for sharing this meditation. 

Reviews from our Goddess Isis Meditation

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