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The friendly Brush

Top tips for friendly oral care.

The naughty toothbrush

Toothbrushes, Our friends right?

It cleans your mouth, gets rid of the nasty plaque, saves you trips to the scary dentist..... WRONG! Our plastic toothbrush might be a friend to our face, but its the type of friend who stabs you in your back, cheats, hurts and lies to you, not really the type of friend we want is it?

Lets find out what our "friend" is really up to.

In the US alone 1 Billion toothbrushes are thrown out every year producing 50 million tons of trash. Toothbrushes are made from a combination of materials, plastics, nylons and even rubber on the handle, but currently none of these materials are biodegradable, therefore they remain in landfills indefinitely. Burning the waste only results in the release of toxic and green houses gases... nasty!

To add to the damage they wash up in our oceans, where the poor little fishes and marine life mistake them for food, and yes they die.. Your Toothbrush is not your friend!

As always I'm here to tell you we have new friends for you, happy friends who want to caress your mouth and our planet.

Bamboo brushes are the hottest news on the town, and to glorify them more, when the brush has done it's time, you can throw it straight into a compost! Subscription toothbrushes, and even a toothbrush made from your old yoghurt pot are here for you and your smile.

1. I use the HUMBLE BRUSH I picked this little cutie in Wholefoods, and I believe now Waitrose (for the British) stock them and they are, of course as all cool things are a Swedish brand, it gets better, for every toothbrush bought, a child in need receives oral care.

2. Zero Waste Bamboo Toothbrush removable heads to last even longer! This brand is 100% biodegradable using BPA & Toxic free bristles. For every purchase they plant a tree.

3.If your still feeling the attachment to plastic then check out Preserve they use recycled yoghurt pots and even have a system to return your brushes, keeping the cycle running!

4. Go on to Google and type in Eco friendly toothbrushes. There is a HUGE selection for you to make a conscious choice.

5. Walk into your local store (where you normally get your toothbrush) and if they don't have a eco option throw a pie in their window.*

My mum this week made the change as she purchased 4 bamboo toothbrushes for £5. My brothers reaction, "Ooooooo its so soft on my teeth" with a big grin. Like all good friends should be good and kind and friendly.

Its really that simple and easy.

And always remember, ONE choice will make a difference.

B x

*Please don't throw a pie, but if enough people demand your store will stock.

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