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Greece Yoga Retreat

I am so happy to announce that I am back doing a retreat May this coming year and what an event it will be! Next year I will be heading off to the beautiful and remote Greek Island of Kea (Tzia) in the Aegean sea with its tiny population of only a few thousand. Kea is a hidden gem in the Cycladic Islands and has its own unique style and history and is fast becoming the new hot island to visit. But before it's the most popular island in the Aegean Sea, I invite you to come and stay with me in a gorgeous traditional villa for a week of Yoga, adventure and you time.

Retreats for me as the host, are not just about teaching you some yoga postures, its about going through a journey, an experience, a transformation.

This retreat is for my intermediate and advanced students (don't worry there will be more for everyone else soon) as I wish to create a time and space for you to deepen your practise, push past your boundaries, observe your improvement and see your limitations sore and learn more about your self in a safe place. This retreat is also very limited in space, enabling me to fully give each of you my guidance and time.

As in all my classes we will be exploring the philosophy of yoga, as we know by now that the asana practise only makes up the teeniest part of what yoga is all about, after all yoga is the journey of "who am I" which takes us off the mat.

Beside the yoga, the Island is a gem, full of all the treasures a Greek Island can offer (with less of the tourism). Your days can be seamed together as you please, relaxing with a book by the pool, adventuring through the treasures of the island, perhaps a daily cruise to visit the near by sites, or simply swimming in the sea. A chance for you to slow down, be with nature, rebalance and recharge away from the daily tasks of life that can sometimes be overbearing.

I have watched so many wonderful transformations in previous retreats, witnessed "aha" moments, seen full circles in people or sometimes just a frown turns to a smile, but each has been magical, and maybe the next one is yours and it could be!

Early bird offer ends 31st of October, please get in touch if you feel inspired,

Much love to all,

B x

I attended Bryony's retreat in Morocco - I was fairly new to yoga and I came out with a new respect for yoga - previously having experience with less quality instruction. I felt very at one with myself and found my troubles were less important and I was more centred and connected spiritually. The environment was a retreat for sure - no cares no stress just nature and you . The food was delicious and all centred around the chakras each day dedicated to a new one. I would recommend to anyone who wants to escape regenerate and recenter their focuses. - Georgia Hyrkas


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