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Follow Your Feet

May 2017.

I was born in Scotland, yet never associated myself with Scotland. I left at 11. Other than my family home being there I had no ties, connections, or desire to see or be there.

Then comes that gap in life, when you have no idea where to go, or what to do. The old paths you were on have clearly come to a dead end, taken you as far as they can. So, the only road left is the one that’s always there, the little side road that’s a safety net. A road leads you there and there is a home that will always give you a roof, a meal, and a moment of safety.17 years later, I ended up on the side road back to my parents’ house in a city, I swore, I would never live again.

Never Say Never.

I truly believe there is a greater plan for us all. If you trust the signs and the process you will always be taken and delivered to where you are needed. When I'm lost or unsure of my next move, I ask out loud or journal. I get quiet. Call on life and I say;

"Please, clearly put the path before me that I must follow, to help and do what I can where I am needed most and where you want me to be."

I've learnt to humble myself to those words. To be quiet and open enough to receive answers. Then things start to fall into place. Sometimes it’s not what I expect or want in my ideal dream mind. But, I follow the signs and this time I took the little road back to my birth city.

The signs continued to magically unfold before me. After I asked, I knew I was needed here in Scotland. I had work to do, things to learn and even though I was still fighting a battle of not wanting to really be here, I started to let Edinburgh work her spell on me. And listen to my intuition, my intuition which lead me to Lynne, and the wonders of her creation Yoga's Got Hot.

I met Lynne and do you know what I love about her, she listens to everything you have to say. She gives her full attention. A quality that is so apparent in every aspect of her work. She opened her doors to me and gave me a place to meet many new challenges, challenges which I had asked for in life, and I have loved every moment of it.

My roots began to grow to the place where I was born. A step I think is important to all, we might all move away and move on but there is much to be said about connecting to your home place. I had already moved out of my home by the time my youngest two brothers were born. So by moving back I had no friends. Getting to know my brothers on a deeper level became my social life. I needed them and I know they needed me too. Part of the reason my feet had taken me to Edinburgh.

Edinburgh, what a city! It’s really like a big town. One of the reasons I liked Morocco so much was the friendliness of the small village I lived in, everyone greets each other and smiles. After living in London for so many years, where looking at another person is seen as an act of madness, it’s refreshing to find a place where talking to people on the bus is not a sign of being mental. I made a bus companion, she was a kinda crazy looking lady, but yet so lovely. We would chat in the cold waiting for the bus, then go our separate ways. She made the darkest mornings a little brighter.

I thought living in a city again would go against my new way of life. My traveling, simple living life, but once again I was wrong. The changes I made in my life since leaving the U.K in 2013 had only become part of me and I brought them to my city life. I still had a simple quiet life. I thought this move would make me go backwards. Yet, I have only moved further forward in all directions.

I cried when I realised I would have to take the small path back to Scotland. Thinking is this really what I have to do? Now I laugh as I realise, if only I had known what was in store. I would have leapt instead of dragged my feet.

The unknown is scary, and fearful. Where will we go? What will we do? But even though I had many dark days in this transition, It’s lead me to a place of so much growth and appreciation.

Ask and trust your gut and your feet will always take you on the path that’s yours.

B x

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