• Bryony

The woman in my Life.

April 2017.

It's international Woman's day today and I wasn't going to say or post anything about it, but then it occurred to me. Im a woman, and this is a day to celebrate, to stand together and to acknowledge the divine goddess in all of us, to embrace each other and see the power we all have within, and to go out and accomplish all that we deserve.

In honour of woman around the world I want to share with you three woman in my life who are great inspirations to me, igniting their female super power.

Alicia Cheung. If you know me you will know how highly I speak of this woman. Alicia is the woman who taught me everything I know and more. My yoga teacher and my mentor. Alicia travels around the world teaching teachers, she has taught so many of us the way to heal, to find our truth and to walk into a path of light. Alicia holds a space for each individual she meets, I know she has aided in the change of lives for numerous amounts of her students, myself included, yet humbly she stands. Alicia is also feisty and full of life, she is an inspiration to us all. She is a woman making a change, a mother, a business woman and an example in this world.

Jaqueline Smyth or otherwise known as the owner of Travelling mats is a woman who inspires me daily. Had it not been for her, I would never have listened to my heart and partaken in my teacher training (with Alicia, funnily enough I wouldn't have met either one of these woman without the other) I met Jaqueline when she was 7 months pregnant in Bali, travelling solo through Asia with her unborn baby and then giving birth alone in Bali to become a single mumma.

We met through a mutual friend (another bad ass woman in my life) and instantly I loved her and was inspired by her journey. You can't not help but fall for her charm, She is warm, full of light and laughter. Jackie teaches me to see the magic in the world, the power of manifestation and the power we each have in ourselves to create our own reality. She is a single mamma, doing wonders with the raising of her amazing son and inspiring us all to make our dreams come true.

Charis Bury. I met Charis when we where both Diner girls in London, now this is a woman who embraces the superpower of womanhood and has taught me so much. Currently in Australia she is out killing it with Black Fang Soap Gang her hand made soaps. Charis is a tough cookie, quirky and fun and so understanding and open to all.

She took me under her wing and showed me what it was to be a woman. She is out making her mark on the world and I love watching her grow in any challenge thats thrown her way.

I have had the pleasure of meeting so many superwoman. This is only three, but everyday I am Inspired by the creativity of woman around the world that I have come to know and love and look up to. These three woman each taught me to stand up and embrace my true self, they themselves daily stand up for what they believe in and they hold and embrace the flag of a superwoman.

To all woman. You are unique. You are wonderful, You can do and achieve what ever You want. I believe in You. I love You. Embrace your Female superpower and let it shine.


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