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Conscious Giving

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

We know 2020 has been a year of difference. We have collectively watched the world tred fiercely to stay afloat the turbulent tide.

I am writing this to ask you to consider to support your friends and family as we move into the season of gift giving. Instead of filling the pockets of the already huge boastful companies perhaps we can look to our firends of friends and support their small unique efforts to create.

To make it easy I have collected a list of gifts for you to give and if you have any more please share with me and I will happily add it to this beautiful creative list of offers.

Aggy Puff

Calendars colouring books and custom illustrations


Apple Daisy May

Macrame and woven wall hangings

Instagram: @appledaisymay


Sound Therapy & Reiki (London Area)

Alexander Jackson Art

Illustrator and custom illustrations

Instagram: @alexanderjackson

Bates and Bates Photography

Family, Baby and Baby bump Portraits


Berber Blue

Reworked Vintage Denim & Moroccan Kilim made in Morocco

Instagram: @berberblue

The Caravan

Handmade Moroccan Treasures

Instagram: @thecaravanatx

Darceys Melts with Judith

Luxury Soy wax Products

Arbonne with Emma Peplow

Vegan, cruelty free, non toxic, results driven skincare, pamper products,

Christmas sets, nutrition and make up

Emily's Massage Therapy

Baby Massage Course Class Online and

Massage (Farnborough, England)

Instagram: @emilys_massage_therapy

Earth Remedies

Handmade Botanical Skincare

Instagram: @earth.remedies

Enchanted Salts

Natural & Organic Reiki Infused Bath Salts

Healing Studio

Energy Healing, Body psychotherapy, healing practices,

shamanic experiences (consultations via zoom)

Instagram: @myhealingstudio

Inner Hive Therapies

Shiatsu, Reflexology or Thai massage (Athens Greece)

Instagram: @innerhive

Joy Nevada

Illustrator and maker

Custom prints and ceramics

Instagram: @joynevada

Lynsey Mckenzie Holistic Healing

Massage and reiki sessions (Edinburgh Scotland)

Instagram: @yoginilynseymac

Madison Darna

Moroccan Specials,, cushions, pottery and much more

Instagram: @maisondarna


21 days to 21 minutes of meditation

online course

Instagram: @yogabstudio

Nurturing Soul

100% natural soap and botanical skincare

Instagram: @nurturing_soul

Project Reclaim

Rustic reclaimed wood furniture

Instagram: @projectreclaimuk

Story Stones by Zina

Bring those stories to life with bespoke hand picked, hand painted story stones. Superheroes, princesses or mini monsters we have the stones for you.

Instagram: @storystonesbyzina


Handmade natural Aromatherapy Balms

Instagram: @sukhascents

Tropic Skincare with Louise

Discover award winning freshly made,

cruelty free natural skincare products

Instagram: @tropic_withlouise

Warriner Leather Works

Handcrafted leather wares for the everyday


Wild Little Leaf

Handmade wooden macrame planters (Australia)


The Vegan Sweetie Company

Deliveries within East Scotland

Instagram : @thevegansweetiecompany

Enjoy your conscious giving

Love always

B x

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