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Move into guidance

Embarking on the road to being a teacher requires refined skills, and this is what this course will enable you to have, through one on one guidance to be the best teacher you can be. 

This programme is a uniquely tailored mentorship for qualified yoga teachers to refine your skills. No two programmes will run the same, as week by week I build this course around your own personal development. 

The mentorship is an opportunity for you as a yoga instructors to expand your confidence in a one to one basis, as you deepen your knowledge and understanding of yoga.  I will personally programme this course and designed it around your own individual needs. 

After working with many new teachers in many countries and had many "mentees", I witnessed that no one individual  learnt the same and it became clear to me in order to succeed I would build this course individually for you, this meaning not all topics will be indulged upon but, if you sign up to work with me we could deepen your understanding of:

  • Mastering sequencing: Learning the art of sequencing different classes with my fail safe approach

  • Alignment: Understanding alignment why it is important 

  • Modifications: Learn modifications for beginners and clients with injuries 

  • Finding your style: Exploring the different types of teaching and what suits you

  • Mastering your voice: Learning clear ways to teach and not be scared!

  • Taking control of the room: Standing tall into your teaching, building confidence, and approching students

  • How to theme your class: Learn lots of different themes and how to integrate them, bringing more value to your class 

  • Cueing techniques: Simple words to get the best effect

  • Hands-on adjustments: Making your teaching an even better experience for your students 

Expect to also cover philosophy subjects which can include:

  • Sutras: Understanding some of the key teachings of Pantanjalis Yoga Sutras 

  • Kriya yoga: What is it and why it's important to Modern Yoga

  • Yamas, Niyamas: The ethnical guide that all Yogis should understand 

  • Kleshas: Understanding how and why they should be apart of our practise 

  • Chakras: Guiding your through the subtle body work of these important energies

  • History of Yoga: Understanding where and why and why yoga is what it is today 

What is included?

  • Weekly video calls of 60 mins 

  • Personalised Manual made for your needs

  • Homework & assignments 

  • Constant support available through email and whatsapp

Throughout this course you will:

  • Develop your skills as a teacher

  • Learn to believe in yourself

  • Gain confidence in your abilities

  • Dive deep into the understanding of how to teach a flowing class  

  • Align with your goals

  • Transform your knowledge in to habits!

How does it work?

Register to work with me and we will arrange a call time. From there on out we will call at selected arranged times to continue on your progress, perhaps thats once a week or twice a month, the duration is up to you. We will work together to create the flow of the programme that best suits your needs. After each session you will be given homework to work on and bring back to the next call!


There is a few options available for you, these are: ​

  • € 333  for  6 sessions

  • €444 for 8 sessions

  • €555 for 12 sessions 

Payment schemes are availble please talk to me to discuss how to best make this course applicable to you

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