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Goddess Lakshmi

Channeled Meditation 

In this Channelled meditation the Goddess Lakshmi comes forward to prepare your body and mind to meet her and be connected with her as a spiritual guide. 

Lakshmi is the Goddess of abundance and she loves to share her gifts with those who are seeking a friend. Lakshmi has told Bryony that she wants to help more people clear their blocks and be guided by her as a spiritual leader.  

In this meditation Lakshmi will cleanse your energetic body to prepare you to meet her. Lakshmi will only reveal her self to you when she has prepared your body and mind. A full body and mind cleanse. After the Goddess reveals herself to you, she will always be a clear mind away from her council as she will work with you continually as guide for you. 

Lakshmi will answer your burning questions and guide you, answering the question that you desire the most to know at this time. 

This channeling has come through Bryony and Laura who where channeled through the Goddess to create the frequencies to help you at this time.   Laura of Alass healing has created sound healing through her crystal bowls to aid you on your journey. The vibration of Lauras bowls will help you to cleanse, and heal and find a deep sesnse of relaxation. 

You can learn more about Laura here

You know if you are ready to connect to the Goddess and receive the answers you seek.

Investment  20 GBP

To receive this channeling please pay here

If paying internationally please as me for options

After payment please send me your email to for you to receive access to the channeling. 

If you are struggling finically at this time, but feel a very strong desire to receive this channeling then please contact me to discuss options. 

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