21 Days to 21 Minutes

of Meditation

Meditation. Have you ever wanted to delve in to this subject, but didn't know where to start? Do you long to return to a state of meditation practise you once had? Perhaps you would like to set your self a meditation goal? If so, you have come to the right place, as  this is exactly what I have created with my "21 Days to 21 Minutes of Meditation." 

My meditation journey began when I was very sick (what seems like many moons ago now), depressed and lacking any self love or acceptance of who I was. It was the practise of daily meditation that cured me of illness and connected me to my truth, that I am a unique being of love! To clarify, at this point in my life I was on over 30 pills (and that was just breakfast!) and I was determined  to find a way to be independent of them. I committed to the meditation that my teachers taught me and I now stand before you as a healthy woman, who fixed her hormone imbalance, toxicity blood levels and shrunk a lump on my throat all from sitting and connecting to my breath- now for breakfast, no pills but yummy porridge. 

Meditation as hard as it can seem, is a wonderful tool to have in your life and I am so happy I am able to bring this course to you, to aid you on your journey to better health, balance and peace of mind. 


How does this course work?


Once you sign up to this course you can start it at anytime.

There are 4 guided meditations: 

7 Minutes of meditation to be practised for the first 7 days

14 Minutes of meditation to be repeated for the next 7 days 

18 Minutes to be practised for the next 6 days bringing you up t0 

21 Minutes for your final day! 

Along with the meditations there are introduction videos and a short tutorial.

Also included in the package is a daily log journal where you can record your goals and your daily experience. 


What is included in this course?

  • Weekly Meditation videos

  • Introduction videos

  • Mastering how to find your comfortable seat Tutorial 

  • Weekly Introductions and Guidance

  • 21 Day Goals & Journal PDF

  • Email support from me! 

What will you gain?

Tools to meditate 

Bodily strength to sit in meditation & stillness for 21 minutes

Mental strength to sit in stillness and meditate

Clarity of thought

Discipline of the mind and body 

Inner awareness

Deeper self connection

and much more!

Who can do this Course?


There are no restrictions- anyone, any age, any experience can partake in this course!

Get started today

To bring your life in to balance. The sum of this online course is only 

21 Euros!



" I highly recommend Bryony's meditation course. I started on 13th September 2019 and do it every night. I have a problem sleeping at night and get stressed. This meditation course has helped me relax and I sleep better now. I enjoy this meditation course and intend to continue doing it every day. Very relaxing. Thank you Bryony" - Toni McEwen

"I have always wanted to be able to meditate believing that it would be beneficial to my well being. However despite trying I’ve never been able to conquer how to do it. Bryony's online course has changed all that. Her step by step approach has helped me learn how to focus and to be able to relax into meditation, a task I thought I’d never achieve. I would happily recommend it to anyone . It’s surprisingly cheap, a bargain! - Louise 

I'd avoided meditation through fear of being alone with my own thoughts and feelings and I found myself in need of some guidance back to a daily practise. This 21 day course spoke directly to me and proved to be exactly what I needed... starting at 7 minuets made the 21 minuet goal less daunting. Bryony's gentle guidance helped me to work through ay discomfot, and daily journal encouraged me to naviagte my inner-world and stay focused. by the end of the course I was exceeding 21 minutes of meditation with ease! I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who feels they need a helping hand with starting or developing a daily meditation practise! Thank you Bryony! - Laura 

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